Marcie Carr
Director, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania General Services, Bureau of Publications

Marcie Carr serves at the Director of the Bureau of Publications, which includes three shifts of print/mail production and 55 employees. The Bureau of Publications is responsible for secure printing and maintains, HIPAA and IRS compliance. Marcie manages changes in technology and print management software to reduce labor costs and has nearly tripled print production in a five-year period. She managed the consolidation and cross agency collaboration of several government print areas, which overall saved more than $2 million for the Commonwealth. In addition, the Bureau of Publications has become a full service mail provider and presorts all outgoing mail for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which is more than 80 million pieces, annually. She is responsible for the oversight and management of revenues and expenditures of nearly $8 million annually, as there are no budget funds allocated to the Bureau. Marcie reviews all production level equipment for the Commonwealth, providing cost analysis to each requesting agency. In addition, an implementation of aggregate volume purchase orders for the Commonwealth saving nearly $1 million, annually. Marcie is also responsible for the oversight of print contracts, bidding process and customer service.